Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide outstanding customer service and value to our distributors and suppliers. Our approach is to be different from other Wholesalers and provide the utmost customer assistance in reducing their costs and enabling them to achieve their sales growth in a timely manner. One Phone Call, One Purchase Order, One Shipment, is how we differentiate ourselves in the Industrial and Contractor Supply Markets. We provide value to our partners, distributors and manufacturers which enable each of them to focus on their day to day business.

R & R WHOLESALE sells only to distributors, has no hidden fees, no box charges, no extra cost for Certificate of Conformance, and $1,200.00 Prepaid freight on all orders including drums.

We have monthly training meetings to ensure our inside and outside sales teams are skilled and knowledgeable in new products to better assist our customers. Our employees are dedicated, motivated and driven to help our partners grow and achieve their goals.


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