301/386 Silver Oxide Button Battery – 1 pc.

301/386 Silver Oxide Button Battery – 1 pc.

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1 pc. battery individually packaged. 6 inners packs, 36 batteries/master case. (Price Per Battery)

  • POWER FOR A WIDE RANGE OF DEVICES – The Duracell 301/386 Silver Oxide Button battery is designed for use in a variety of compatible devices like watches, medical devices, toys, and other electronics
  • LONG-LASTING POWER – Duracell high power 301/386 batteries were also developed to provide reliable performance for digital thermometers, laser pointers, stopwatches, and more
  • GUARANTEED FOR 3 YEARS IN STORAGE – Duracell 301/386 Silver Oxide Button batteries are guaranteed for 3 years in storage, so you can be confident these batteries will be ready when you need them
  • BUILT FOR RELIABLE PERFORMANCE in a wide range of high-powered devices, the 301/386 is equivalent to SR43, SR43W, LR43, 386, 301, AG12, D386, 386(6), V386(548), V301, 226, SB-B8, 280-41, H, D, SR1142PW, 260, 280-01, and L114A battery types
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