Precision Clean Aviation Grade Cleaner/Degreaser – 1 gal. Jug (4/case)

Precision Clean Aviation Grade Cleaner/Degreaser – 1 gal. Jug (4/case)

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4 jugs/case – SOLD CASE QUANTIY ONLY (Price Per Jug)

Optimized for cleaning aircraft exteriors and assemblies: removes dirt build-up, salt, hydraulic fluid, bug debris, carbon exhaust, and grease. Safe to use on painted aircraft exterior surfaces.


  • Dilutable Formulation: Allows for customized product strength based on the soil level
  • Adjustable dilution, up to 1:19 (depending on cleaning required), provides cost savings
  • Dye Free & Non-Corrosive: Strong enough to remove dirt build-up, salt, hydrolic fluid, bug debris, carbon exhaust, grease and safe to use on painted and upainted aircraft exterior surfaces. Conforms to Boeing D6-17487 & SAE AMS 1526C spec for surface comp
  • Effective on a variety of soils: hydraulic fluid buildup, grease and oil deposits, carbon buildup, bugs and organic compounds, general grime
  • Improved Appearance: Cleaner/Degreaser revitalizes the gloss and inherent shine like a just waxed surface. Rinses clean and does not leave a dull or hazy film behind, even in hard water dilutions.
  • Revitalizes gloss for a shinier surface
  • Will not damage paint or corrode metals
  • Provides superior cleaning and less soil redeposition, making subsequent cleanings quicker and easier
  • Reduce Drag & Increase Fuel Efficiency: Specialized surfactant formula is very effective at removing a wide range of aircraft exterior soils which can increase drag and resulting fuel consumption.
  • Environmentally Prefered Formula: Utilizes a biodegradable, low VOC formula which is compliant in all 50 states
  • Low VOCs and no flashpoint
  • Rinses clean
  • Dye Free
  • Does not leave a dull or hazy film behind, even in hard water dilutions


  • Aircraft Exteriors
  • Leading Edges
  • Engine Cowlings
  • Underbellies
  • Wheel Wells
  • Composites
  • Plastic
  • Hangar Floors
  • Hoists
  • Tools
  • Landing Gear
  • Wings
  • Tail Sections
  • Fuselage
  • Fin Stabilizers
  • Fiberglass
  • Rubber Surfaces
  • Tanks
  • Machinery
  • Ground Service Equipment


  • AMS 1526C
  • Boeing D6-17487 Rev. T
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