Trick Shot Penetrating Lubricant 16oz. Pump


Trick Shot Penetrating Lubricant 16oz. Pump

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Trick Shot Penetrating Lubricant 16oz. Pump Sprayer  Net Price Each Pump Bottle  – 12/cs  (Sold Case Quantity Only)

Cleaning or degreasing – Great for cleaning or degreasing stainless steel, simply spray product onto affected area in order to remove gum,

adhesives, tar, scuff marks, and a whole lot more.

Lubricating – Lubricate moving parts like hinges, pulleys, rollers, wheels by spraying it onto the area. Perfect even for harsh

environments, it eliminates squeaks, and friction, thus yielding better results.

Penetrating – Use the lubricant to eliminate corroded, squeaky, seizes, and rusty parts. Wait for a few minutes for it to penetrate the material.

Tap or move the part when doing so. Pay particular attention to severe cases, since these ones require more than one application.

Protecting – Protect materials against salt water, and other elements that can cause corrosion and rust, by simply spraying it on

corrosion-prone surfaces as well as all types of metals.

A 100% biodegradable product, Trick Shot® Penetrating Lubricant is not harmful to the environment, thus making it ideal for agricultural, automotive, food processing, household, industrial, and marine, applications.

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