X-TREME Webbing Ratchet Strap w/ Wire Hooks – 2″ x 27′

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With Ancra’s 2-in. x 27-ft. ratchet strap with J-hooks, long/wide handle, and X-Treme webbing, you’ll be able to take on the most demanding heavy-duty tie-down jobs with ease and efficiency. Our 2-in. orange polyester X-Treme webbing is engineered for enhanced durability so that it can retain its strength even when handling some of the toughest cargo. It provides you with two times the abrasion resistance while having a higher resistance to moisture. The X-Treme webbing even retains a proven 80% strength following harsh abrasion testing while the strap brings flexibility to the job. An efficient ratcheting design allows for quicker operation and can reduce tensioning time up to 33%.

We’ve equipped our ratchet strap with a reliable 8.5-in. ratchet handle that has a comfortable aluminum grip to help you achieve better leverage for easier tensioning. The pair of 2-in. gold chromate-coated steel wire J-hooks are manufactured to provide a strong and reliable grip on the vehicle’s anchor points, no matter how narrow or hard-to-reach they are.

The 2-in. x 27-ft. X-Treme ratchet strap with J-hooks and long/wide handle complies with WSTDA T-1 standards and meets or exceeds WSTDA T-4 standards.

  • Designed to secure cargo up to 3,333 lbs
  • 8.5″ ratchet handle with aluminum grip
  • 2” orange X-Treme webbing providing 2 times the abrasion resistance and higher water resistance
  • 2” gold chromate-coated steel wire J-hooks
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